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  • I’d like to put a WordPress blog on my Joomla site. My server is siteground; they have the WordPress option in the backend but I don’t want to have to convert my whole site, just add in a WordPress style blog (I like the look of it better than joomblog)

    Please advise – I need to get going on this project!


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  • One of the Joomla Core Dev developped a bridge for WordPress/Joomla. Marko if I remember properly. In fact, if you look on the Joomla site, for the developer’s blog, that’s what it’s running. I believe it is available for download, but it’ll be on Joomla rather than WP.

    vavroom – ex Joomla Core Team…

    Thanks so much for the lead! I’ve found a thread over there by Marko and am trying to decode all the problems and successes – I’ve written an email to Marko as well.

    Vavoom, what is YOUR experience and opinion of WordPress blog as opposed to joomblog? Is the JD/WP a good choice in your opinion?

    thanks – I appreciate your time and response!


    I haven’t tried bridging WP and Joomla, as I haven’t seen the need to do so. Both systems have strengths and weaknesses and I use both depending on the most appropriate use. I also use other systems depending on the site’s needs.

    I personally think that there really isn’t much you couldn’t do with one that you can’t do with the other, if you set things up properly. That is, why do you want to use Joomla and WordPress together? Do you need the blogging features such as trackbacks and pings? Then wordpress is your friend. Do you just need stronger CMS-like capabilities? Then Joomla is probably your friend.

    But I’ve “blogged” using Joomla. And I’ve CMS’ed using WordPress. <shrug> So, you really have to analyse your needs for the project.

    Sorry I’m not giving you a clear cut answer.

    Thanks for your input. I installed joomblog but either couldn’t figure out how to config it right, or…who knows! I want something that allows me to build links right into the blog easily, allow for guest response and comment as well as question, and build a sidebar with links to other ongoing blogs I build on additional topics; maybe joomblog could do that but I couldn’t figure it out from their tutorial or playing around with it! Maybe you can enlighten me otherwise?

    Appreciate your opinion!

    If you haven’t already, check out modX, which also has a wp bridge (I think…. but then I like their in-built blog too).


    Though I now have a Joomla Develepers WP blog on my site, I have a couple of persistent issues that I can’t seem to get any answers regarding – and I’ve been sending emails and asking questions regarding same for a month now! I seem to get some of my best responses right here in this forum, so thought I’d give it a shot.

    1. I’d like to enable people to subscribe to my blog page so whenever I make an entry, they receive an email notification. Anyone know of a plugin I can use in my joomla site that will allow this?

    2. On the sidebar of my blog:,com_jd-wp/Itemid,112/ there is a repetitive “pages” heading; under the main category “pages” there is another subcategory “pages” under which actual pages are listed. I would like just one “Pages” under which the pages are bulleted, yet can’t find where to set the adjustment; the build pages and config within the blog edit pages itself are giving me no clues.

    If any ideas on either of these, I appreciate any insights or suggestions!


    I am having a couple of

    I am new to Joomla & WP.

    Managed to setup and configure Joomla site.

    I would like to install WP blog in my Joomla site.

    I am not sure what to download and how to install WP blog in my Joomla site.

    Any help is appreciated.


    The component is called “jd-wordpress”.
    Website is:

    Definitely want the latest version of the component and then it’s up to whatever modules you want to add. Once you download it, just follow the normal procedure for installing components, modules, etc.


    I’ve been researching these options recently too, and I thought about converting My WordPress blog over to Joomla, but as some others have said here I don’t like the looks of a published blog in Joomla, plus that’s not to mention the nightmares one is faced with converting posts and pages over and losing the url file paths unless one does some hefty tweaking. Unless there are some other options from what I saw over on Joomlas site, the blog posts were side by side and too small.

    So if I stick with WordPress but want the management components of Joomla and some of the other extensions, does JD WordPress work for that as well?

    Also, if a person uses WordPress for their blogging platform and if you have other site pages in Joomla how hard is it to be able to get a template to skin them the same? Or, am I misunderstanding how the two would integrate together? Is it that you would just be utilizing admin management capacities of Joomla, but to your site visitors it would remain in appearance as a WordPress blog only? I’m confused at how the two integrate together if someone could clarify for me.

    I’m building a blogging community so the WordPress blog is good, but I’m already seeing the need for extensions and things I can’t get for WordPress, or the ones I can get all end up essentially as being separate systems that are not managed through one admin panel and I want to avoid that if possible. Really need the integration as much as possible for personal messaging, forum, member management, chat etc. rather than scattered as different components.

    Anyone able to help on this? Thanks.

    vkaryl, ModX does not have a WP bridge and their own Ditto Blogging tool does not have trackbacks or pingbacks and is similar to the JoomBlog in a lot of ways, one of which is it’s a royal pain to configure, rather than a 5 minute install. It’s also counterintuitive for clients in that if they want a new category it’s a 5 or 6 step process rather than a simple form in the admin section. In my mind it’s not (yet) a true blogging tool, though there is a lot to say positive about the rest of ModX.

    Hiya kickass…. yes, I said I might be wrong. And I don’t give a rat’s ass about trackbacks/pingbacks and thankfully the clients I have don’t either. Whole other world I have you know.

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