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  • I was having some trouble with my host last night and wordpress was not accessing the database. the blog wasn’t displaying at all (just a blank white screen) and the dashboard wasn’r loading either. I left an email for my host and they came back and said it was application related. I tried my dashboard again and sure enough, it worked fine. I can write and edit posts, I can see all the inner workings.

    BUT! my page still isn’t loading.

    anyone know why this might be? email me faketrout at gmail dotcom or respond here. you help would be greatly appreciated as our site has been gaining a lot of attention for media outlets lately and I hate to see it go down when so many are watching.

    UPDATE: I seem to have gotten the site working using the default Kubrick theme, which is better than nothing. but none of the other themes I have installed will work. I didn’t change ANYTHING overnight in those themes so it would seem weird that I’d have a sql problem followed by themes not working.

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  • You may be running out of php memory – some hosts set this abnormally low. Try adding this line to your ,htaccess in your root.
    php_value memory_limit 16M
    If that doesn’t work – ask your host to increase it to 16M.

    ummm.. where is htaccess? wordpress? host?

    NM, found it.

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