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  • My blog is @

    It used to load very slow but my other blog with same theme and same plugins load too fast on same server….

    First I have many plugins on my blog but now I deleted most of them. My Currently used plugins are below ;-

    Enabled Plugins :-

    1. Advertisement Management
    2. Google XML Sitemaps
    3. LinkWithin
    4. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)
    5. Stats
    6. WP-Optimize
    7. WP Missed Schedule
    8. Akismet
    9. All in One SEO Pack

    Disabled Plugins :-

    1. HeadSpace2
    2. Platinum SEO Pack
    3. Robots Meta
    4. SEO Post Link
    5. Simple Submit SEO / Social Bookmarking Plugin

    Please help me….

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  • Try to install cache or minifier plugin

    I installed W3 Total Cache but nothing works sill it takes 10-15sec to load which is too horrible for any site….

    first, try remove this:
    <img width='1' height='1' src='' alt='' />

    this code is in my all posts 🙁

    How can I remove them from my all posts????

    Are you self hosted? Your own server?

    yes I have a self hosted wordpress blog…

    Well, I’m going to assume it’s some flavor of *NIX and Apache/HTTPD you’re running. I struggled with the same problem for the first few months. I don’t know you’re exact setup, but I used an inexpensive Rackspace virtual/cloud server with only 512MB RAM. Now, it’s been fine for a long time using Apache Virtual Server on one IP with numerous fast loading Web sites – that is until I threw a WordPress site on it.

    The other sites were fast as hell but my WordPress blog would take a horrifically long 10 – 20 seconds to load each page. Did endless searching. I ruled out the server and MySQL as culprits. I finally came across a post that went over tuning the entire LAMP stack. What did the trick finally for me was to tune my httpd.conf for WordPress – again, although the 6 other sites on the same instance were all super speedy. Here’s what I changed in my httpd.conf:

    <IfModule prefork.c>
    StartServers       5
    MinSpareServers    5
    MaxSpareServers   10
    ServerLimit       50
    MaxClients        50
    MaxRequestsPerChild  4000
    <IfModule worker.c>
    StartServers         5
    MaxClients         300
    MinSpareThreads     25
    MaxSpareThreads     75
    ThreadsPerChild     25
    MaxRequestsPerChild  2000
    KeepAlive Off

    Every situation/server will be slightly different, but this worked for me and completely resolved my slow WordPress issues (after restarting Apache). I also signed up for CloudFare Content Delivery Network (CDN). That seems to have contributed to a slight speed increase as well.

    Good luck.

    Thanks for your help pal but I am a newbie, don’t know much about coding. Apache etc. I will try to change the code that you give but can you be some more clear on Cloud Hosting, Apache Virtual Server, Lamp Stack

    Oh boy. Are you hosted on a Windows box or Linux? Sounds like Windows/IIS based on your response. If you’re Administering the operating system and Web Server yourself, and don’t know what these terms mean, or how to “tune” whatever Web server you may be running, you may need to enlist the help of someone who does – at least initially.

    OK thanks for your help I will somehow manage to do this… I have one more issue on same blog if you can help me on the below topic then I will be very thankful to you…

    CDN and others optimisations leave for later.
    Check url’s in this style: (some statistics?)
    – They return a 404 error …. at the time close to 12sec.
    Fix it or delete it, it probably will solve your problem.

    @adpawl – I have around 300 posts and each post consist a different tracker ID… Is there any way or any plugin by which I can delete all the Tracker ID URL…

    mayby this plugin
    or filter content by add to file functions.php code like that:

    function fix_tracker($content) {
    	$content=preg_replace('#<img(.+?)>#i', '', $content);
        return $content;
    add_filter ('the_content', 'fix_tracker');

    …or make php script to replace in db using regular expression.

    @adpawl – The code successfully works and removes all the tracker id’s but the speed of loading the blog is still 10-12 sec 🙁

    Yes, the tracker links have been removed, but …in their place appeared new, eg.


    Check your plugins -maybe one of them insert this.
    …or you have some malicious code on the page.

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