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  • Earlier today, I posted a question on register_globals in the How-To forum. Unless I’m being presumptuous, either no one has an answer or I am perceived as bonkers for asking it.
    I was always told the only stupid question was the one never asked, so when there are questions needing answers . . . I ask.
    We are preparing to embark on hosting free blog sites, and after reviewing 6 different blogs, we revisited WordPress again and again, and have decided to use it to offer our members.
    WordPress is by far the best publishing software we have found and are really anxious about what you are going to do with it in the future and how we can use it to achieve our goals.
    It’s not my intention to alienate myself or our company with this post, but to get a better understanding of what level of support we can expect. We anticipate thousands of clients in the coming months. . .we gained a few today. A small number for one day, but to have gained them without officially launching, it’s a start.
    After coming acrossed some posts on WordPress and other WP blogs and forums, I’ve seen a few things we’d like to get answers on.
    In closing, with our undertaking hosting WordPress as our blog software will we be solely dependent on ourselves or can we receive answers to our questions no matter how mundane and newbie they may be to some of the seasoned professionals here in the WordPress Community?
    I hope my inability to write properly doesn’t cause the true meaning of my post to be lost.
    Thank you all for your time in developing WordPress and any help you can provide, when needed.

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  • As long as you aren’t making any money off WP, any question (even stupid!) asked here would be answered by someone knowledgeable enough to answer it. This is what I love about this community.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    register_globals ….
    If someone here has an answer, then it will come your way, but that’s very definitely not only a php question, but also one to do with the inner working’s of WP. As such, the number of people who can answer that are much fewer than for many other questions.
    Some questions are answered here very rapidly because they have been asked many times before, or because from our own experience we know the answers. Others – and yours is not alone here – are more in depth, and it may look like you are being ignored – you aren’t. It’s just that the people who spend time here answering don’t have that one.
    One place that may help is the irc.freenode channel #wordpress.
    Please do ask as many questions as you need answering, but the more in-depth it is, the longer you’ll need to give for the answer.
    There are also resources available for people new to wordpress to use, and I’m sure that such a list for your clients would prove useful to them.

    Aah. That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for the clarification.
    With the resources, I spent about 10 hours last night and into the sunrise searching not only WP but every WP site I could find on Google.
    The information is definitely available and extremely useful not only to me, but to our current and future users.
    The ease of use is phenomenal and we wish to be able to offer the best, most secure publishing system.
    Thanks again for answering my questions. We look forward to growing with the WP community.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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