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  • Hello out there,

    I am not sure whether I am right here but I couldn’t find anything useful through the search.

    Privately I use WordPress 1.2 for years but never had the time to make substantial efforts like upgrading, fighting spam and such. It’s too time consuming to me and makes me mad quickly, I am not the twenty year old kid anymore who wants to spend nights fixing bugs. My WordPress remains a major annoyance because of spam, bugs and stuff like that. Nevertheless I like the system when it functions.

    Now I want to set up blog for a client of mine. To minimize maintenance and such I wanted to use a blog hoster like or Blogsome.
    Then I realized that they do not offer internationalization I’m from Germany) and that it is impossible to install plugins and such.

    Is there any other wordpress blog hoster that offers that?

    In Germany we only have very small or new (beta) blog companies offering WordPress and I don’t want to risk my blog being deleted because of banruptcy and such (two “major” German blog companies went bankrupt last year)…

    Can someone help me?

    Sincerely, Tadeusz Szewczyk

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  • Blogs being hosted on blogsome or – are one thing; and having your own (or a client’s blog) hosted on a “normal” host company’s server – is a totally different thing.

    Usually at places where they offer “free” blogging the user’s possibilities of customizing and or adding third party scripts (plugins etc.) are very limited.

    If you want to fully enjoy all the features WP can offer then don’t look for “blog hosts”… just a reliable good host and install WP there for your client. There is full localization for German which you can install for him and everybody will be happy 🙂

    There is a new crop of hosts specializing in WordPress. The value these specialist hosts offer is that they can presumably give wordpress-specific support which the average host cannot. I am using one now though I have momentarily forgotten their name 🙁

    Have you tried the new Yahoo! hosting for WordPress?

    Also, have you tried searching on Google for “wordpress hosting” in German?

    What about the German-language WP support forum (is there one?)…

    edit: here’s the German WP site:

    Nooo! Anything but Y! – stay away from them if you want a stress-free life 🙂

    I second the “Stay away from Yahoo at any cost” sentiment. Made that mistake in 2001. Lost about a billion nerve cells thanks to them. Then, when you want to leave, getting out of the mob is easier than getting out of yahoo.

    I agree with moshu. I have an independent host where I have installed wordpress. Works like a charm and basically I am free to do whatever I want with it short of crashing the main server (which am incapable of anyway 🙂

    I think havign your own host would be the best solution for a stable and reliable system.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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