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  • We are playing about with the idea of a non-commercial directory (which has always seemed to be what the loose conglomeration of WordPress users lacked) – listings of WordPress blogs and their information, searchable by tag, plus RSS, xml-rpc ping and the usual web2.0 stuff.

    To stick to the Open Source ethos, listing has to remain free, with no paid premium listings. We’ve also tried to impose some conformity in matters such as numbers of tags, multi-word tags, etc. – which, hopefully, would minimise spamming.

    If you can spare the time, feel free to head over to and try it out – feedback is welcomed.

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  • Nice idea – I signed up!

    Thanks ladydelaluna…

    To clear up some points raised by email – it’s not easy to define and detect a WordPress blog – or rather, it’s easy to start with, until you begin thinking of all the exceptions. It’s possible to put web pages on one sub(domain), core files on another and the database on a third domain, if you really wanted to. We reckon we are detecting the ‘default’ installation 100%, but still have a little way to go with the weirder possibilities – which is why we do welcome any feedback. blogs – yes, it is possible to enter a blog subdomain name on when not yet configured on – but it cannot be listed until the blog is configured and linked… so there wouldn’t be a lot of point in doing that…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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