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    Using WordPress, through Blue Host, how do I set up a blog with an actual blog URL? I can’t find any instructions to do this and would appreciate help. Thanks.

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    I read this and I’m still confused. In the settings area, how do I mark a page as a blog instead of a static page? Shouldn’t the URL have the word ‘blog’ in it as well as your domain name? Am I looking at this all wrong? Sorry I can’t seem to understand this. Would you try to explain again? I will also reread these pages. Thanks.

    Shouldn’t the URL have the word ‘blog’ in it as well as your domain name

    It can but does not have to – WordPress allows both Pages and Posts.

    Am I looking at this all wrong

    Not necessarily, but your post provides us with little to provide in support other than general help links.

    Do you have a site up and running now? If so, please provide a link. If not, please do re-read the links above or contact your webhost for support on getting your website running.

    I think I may have the blog right this time. I went to the ‘theme’ and under ‘customize’ placed the blog first with the latest posts. All the others are static pages.

    If I haven’t done it right, please let me know and thank you for helping.

    Only you can ascertain if your site is as designed. Is it?

    No, I mean if I haven’t gotten the blog so it generates my newest posts.

    This is my first site, as you can tell. I want it to be appealing, but I need to learn how to put it together the most so it will be picked up on Google for search engines. I thought the blog first might do that.

    We can review the resultant HTML and CSS not site design.

    Well, I don’t know what that means. I would like to know if the blog is working and I can post to it without having to go back to a static page and move things down so that the new post is at the top.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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