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  • Hi I have downloaded wordpress latest version. I am a totally beginner. have no clue of how things work on wordpress. I unzipped the folder, renamed the wp-config.php and added the database values in it, uploaded the folder and files to the root directory on website in a “blog” subdirectory. (I have my website on 1and1.)
    now when i tried accessing wp-admin/install.php i get a message “the page cannot be displayed , HTTP Error 404 – File or directory not found.
    I know and have checked that file exist in the right path.
    I tried opening /blog/readme.html
    which was opened fine.
    can somebody help me / guide me what i need to do, or if i am doing anything wrong.

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  • have you tried /blog/install.php ?

    the install.php is in wpadmin folder not in the main blog folder.
    do i need to copy it in blog directory………
    I have tried alot of things….
    please help….

    no sorry, i meant blog/wp-admin/install.php but if you have already tried this already then try and download a fresh copy of wordpress and try again

    Do you by any chance have a plugin like Better WP Security installed? Sometimes security plugins won’t allow you to install WP in a subdirectory. Are you able to access Unless you have some plugin blocking it you should be able to access

    In addition, it isn’t necessary to manually input the database information into the wp-config.php file. The installer will lead you through that. I would recommend installing a fresh copy and giving it another attempt.

    i have tried it many times, tried it on 2 different domains. still same problem

    Did you ever have another wordpress website installed on the current server? Are you using the 1and1 windows server or linux server?

    no never tried it before, using 1and1 windows server – i think

    I believe I had a similar problem before with 1and1 and the solution was to transfer the account to one of their linux servers. If you call them at 1877-461-2631 they should get you squared away.

    yeah i believe that is the solution….
    thanks for your help.

    Hi Patrick, can you please help me on this, I have spoken to 1and1 and they confirmed the reason for problem is that i have windows based server and i need to change it to linux.
    now the problem is how to take backup of my database from MsSQL in 1and1 and transfer it to linux server MSSQL.
    and how do i take backup of my existing website to transfer it to new server.
    i have tried 1nd1 and other web resources but nothing helpful on this topic.

    I w’d really appreciate your help.

    Hi, I’m glad they were able to confirm my thought :-). Is there anything besides this nonfunctional wordpress installation on the current windows server that requires a database? If that’s all you have you really don’t need to back anything up. 1and1 should transfer email and any html sites over for you.

    Here’s a step by step guide by 1and1 on how to export a backup of a mySql database. This is the only guide that I could find and it uses phpMyAdmin.

    If they have phpmyadmin you can export a back up from there.

    Thanks Patrick,
    Thanks GovPatel
    This guide, is about exporting backup from MySQL (Linux server) not MSSQL(windows server), so this does not solve the problem as they dont have My SQL or PhPMyAdmin in windows based server. it is only available in linux package.
    And I have a full up and running website on the 1and1 windows server, but in order for me to add blog in this existing website i need wordpress. To which 1and1 requires wordpress on linux server. so i will need it to be moved to linux server.
    I asked them for help on taking backup of database and entire existing website but no response from them.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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