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  • Hello WordPress community. I have been using wordpress to manage our two company blogs at and I have found the WordPress forums and plug-ins very helpful and very much appreciate all of you out there who have made the learning pains minimal.

    I am looking to create a new site and would love to stay with WordPress for the blog and bbPress for the forums. Getting those to synch users is pretty easy. My current dilemma is that I am in need of more features than what the two combined currently allow. I have been experimenting with Drupal over the last 2 weeks and it seems to be a lot heavier than what I need, and does not integrate well with wordpress & bbpress (because it provides its own forum and blog tools)

    Here is a breakdown of what I am trying to build.
    2 types of unique “users” 1.Users 2. Clients

    Users will create a profile with up to 5 pictures, contact information, bio, etc… They only need to be allowed to post to the forums and post comments on the blog.

    Clients will pay a small fee to create a simple profile with company name, contact info etc… They will need to be able to run queries against the database of users by geographic location and contact them in bulk. (Example, an event is going on in a particular zip code and everyone within a certain radius of that zip code will be invited) The users will then be notified of the event in their area and are allowed to accept or decline the invitation. The client will then see who has expressed interest in attending their event and once this happens the client is able to see all fields in the user’s profile (IE name, phone, email, etc…)

    My programming skills are minimal so I am really looking for a framework that is easy to work with. I know that I can accomplish what I am trying to do with Drupal and a ton of plug-in modules, however as stated previously I would prefer to stick with WordPress for the blog and bbpress for the forums.

    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to a better solution? Does such a thing exist? Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I appreciate any assistance you provide.

    Best Regards,
    Jeremy Watson

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