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  • I found myself building more and more WordPress websites, so I finally converted my web portfolio over to WordPress. I was going for clean and simple, while still providing a lot of information for prospective clients. is the home of my web design portfolio and also displays some logo and graphic design work as well. I am a web designer based out of Staten Island, NYC.

    Any input is appreciated, and questions are welcome.

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  • Hello.
    I saw your website. You should add a welcome text or intro at the beginning of the website so that people can know about you and your work. Try to add some more images to it. Your homepage should include some text and images rather than directly putting the portfolio.

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    Thanks Amit, I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me some feedback. I considered doing something similar, but wasn’t really sure what I should include. From your suggestion, maybe I will add a home page with a short summary of my “about” section and work philosophy and also include a slide show of work.

    Thanks again,


    Philip Kirk


    I’d definitely agree with adding some more info on the landing page, let people know where they are and who you are.

    I love the text in your header and the name, the image is pretty cool too. It’s a pity you didn’t take that design flare to the rest of the site. Clean and simple is generally a good thing, but as a web designer your personal portfolio site should be the place you can show off your skills without having to conform to a brief. Go a bit crazy!

    As a good example take a look at spoon graphics.

    I’m not saying you need to redesign your entire site, but if you could take that hand drawn style and create boxes for your various elements and more interesting menus it would make a big difference,

    Hope this helps

    Thanks a lot. That blog is great! He is a bit above me in skill level, but I have taken both sets of advice above and added a home page and some more graphic details to the design. Could still use more work, but I will probably eave it alone for now. Thanks again.

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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