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    Hello world.
    I’m kind of new to wordpress but i have some experience with coding.
    What i want to know is:
    Is there any kind of plug-in to “change” the functionality of the wordpress and stop working as a blog and more as a web page?
    Or is there any tutorial out there that can help me?

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  • There is no plugin (since it is not needed).
    How your WP displayes… it is entirely up to you and your theme. Themes are the defining element of the look of your WP installation.
    You cvan make it as blog, as a CMS, as whatever you want.
    Just get into the Theme_Development – and all the links from there.
    (When I started to make themes, I downloaded a few and dissected them, together with the default and classic, until I understood how they work)

    Thanks moshu… you are right.
    Today i have spend a lot of hours reading the documentation and inspecting some themes (source) and all is very clear and well documented.
    Now i will try to integrate some flash content with the database to create dynamically the menu and some other features.
    In the future I will upload and share any cool modification that i will start to develop.

    As moshu rightfully says, you can decide how WP looks.

    It is not so much a blogging system as a complete content management system.
    In fact, I’m thinking of moving a ‘website’ of mine over to WordPress.
    And, WordPress is one of the easiest ways to build a website, with as many web pages as you want. You can even have drop down menu systems. You can mess around so much with some many aspects of WP that when you have finished, nobody will ever realise that your site is built on a blogging system!

    Don’t underestimate WP – it’s much, much more than an easy way of building a blog.


    Thanks AlexinMilan.
    Also i found this link very interesting.
    At the beginning, yes, i thought this was just a blogging tool (not very fan to the blogs ) but now my image of WordPress has been changed and also now i will upgrade my site and have the blog feature.



    Have fun – the link you have posted is the tip of the iceberg!

    If you are a coder, then you will be able to do just about whatever you like.

    I’m not a coder, like you, but I am very happy with the flexibility of WP, and if I were a coder, then I would probably do great things with WP.

    I do know of a few people who use WP as the basis of full blown web sites, with no blogs at all.



    Actually all the documentation is very good… Now with some problems parsing the info :S

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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