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    Hi all – just a quick one, does anyone know if there any plugins/solutions for using wordpress as a shop. I’ve set up OsCommerce sites and read a fre articles about integrating wordpress in to OsCommerce. But i was looking for something nice and easy to say use PayPal as a processing service and just have a few products to sell. Any ideas would be really useful.

    BTW – wordpress rocks, well done to everyone who has worked on it.

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  • I have the following urls for you:
    is same as

    Are you using so-called widgets on your site?

    Yeh I’m using widgets – but I don’ have to really.

    Thanks for these I’ll check them out. On a scale of 1 to 10 how easy are these things to implement?

    Remember, it’s the same plugin 🙂
    It’s an 8 as implementation (I never give out 10’s 😉 )

    Let us know when you’re using the basket widget, b/c it might break the template a bit (that’s why it’s no a 9 but an 8)

    Maybe I’m jumping the gun, but it broke my template.
    Fixed it really simply though, removed a </div> and it was fixed.

    Additionally, there is also an unreleased plugin in the works
    But maybe it’s a commercial plugin, we’ll have to see once it’s released.

    Stick with WP e-Commerce 🙂

    Here’s another suggestion if you still are finding yourself without e-commerce satisfaction;

    YAK for WordPress

    artsfish – I’ve been playing around with the Yak/WP combo for a day or two, on and off. I finally went into sandbox mode with paypal.

    I’ve visited your site and like what I see – Congrats!

    I’ve visited the yak author page too, followed all his steps, but thought it a bit vague on the paypal section.

    I get payments into the sandbox but I’m not exactly sure what’s supposed to happen to the buyer once they make the payment.

    If you’re familiar with all this – keep reading; otherwise sorry 🙂

    I’ve been testing the IPD – which, if I read the yak pages correctly, are supposed to update the order inside your wp application as being paid.

    If that’s true – its not happening for me, even though the payments get into the paypal sandbox correctly.

    So – any pointers, tips, suggestions, ideas or what not regarding paypal, yak and wp?

    (Thought I’d ask you before I bugged the author if that’s okay!)

    WP eCommerce works okay with PayPal.

    Not good for other gateways as it is not SSL friendly.



    I’ve tried using the ecommerce plugin from Instinct on two sites and two different web hosts but it never works. I even paid the $80 for a “support token,” only to be told it doesn’t work (NS, sherlock).

    Right now I’m trying osCommerce in a separate directory.

    Does someone know what is happening with YAK on the latest release ? It just crashes my whole system and after removing the plugin… I can access sites and the admin again.

    I hope that Wpshop will be Opensource, that is really needed to keep the community positive.

    Hi djr3110 I have been using wp e-commerce and am struggling to get support when I need it the most . I have built a shop using wp e-commerce its really easy to use but buggy and when a problem occurs its not easy to get support. I have spent 4 months developing the site which would have only taken 2 using OSCommerce mostly due to support issues. I have also been looking at a smaller and simpler plugin that only allows 1 product per page ..its called eshop ive not used it yet but sounds just right for you see below:

    eshop looked very promising until I noticed that it kept recreating pages I did not need or want! I’d delete them and then they would re appear.I found this to be way out of control.I could just hide the pages from nav-header or sidebar.I just didn’t like this aspect.
    Still waiting for that perfect, free ecommerce solution for WordPress,probably until hell freezes over.
    No wonder when they’re for making money, not likely to be offered for free, but I don’t blame them for that.

    Wp e-commerce is I think after extensive work the best option for a web shop within wordpress. It seems to have really come on in the last few months . Like all Plugins it has perticular issues but is working really well for me now .

    That ‘feature’ has now been disabled in the latest version of eShop. (well ok the feature wasn’t supposed to work quite like that…)

    I use YAK Shopping Cart and I can’t thank enough for it.
    My site has grown to 400 products and the sales went up a lot after an SEO campaign. YAK uses a beautiful code and it’s been a pleasure to extend.
    I researched WordPress shopping carts a lot before I made may decision. I’d never use something so buggy as WP e-commerce.

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