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  • I’ve been struggling with Movable Type, trying to get it to work as CMS for a web site I am designing for my wife. She is a filmmaker and would like to have a site that has the following features:
    (1) A main page, with links to sections devoted to each of the films she’s done, a section about herself, and headlines from a blog with the latest news.
    (2) Sections for each of the films she’s done, that have a unique template/CSS/and menus.
    (3) Easy manipulation of images loaded up to the site, so that if she uses an image in one page, she can easily find it and use it in another page.
    (4) Dynamic category/section menus that update whenever she adds a new page to the section of the site devoted to a particular film.
    (4) Update all the content with ecto. (Actually, this is the reason I discovered WordPress – I really wanted her to be able to use ecto to update the site.)
    So, do you think that WordPress would be suitable for this. Although a blog will be part of it, most of the site will be static web pages (but dynamic category/section menus). The important concern here is design. As an artist her site needs to be eye catching and easy to make look good.
    Has anyone created similar WordPress sites that I might look at?

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  • “Has anyone created similar WordPress sites that I might look at?”
    Did you check out the sites listed in the support section strut your stuff?

    The strut your stuff section is why I wrote this post!!! Basically all I saw there were blogs, and most of them not very nice looking either. What I like about MT is that the templating system is easy to work with. I guess I’ll have to download WordPress and see for myself.
    The point of a CMS is that it allows me to separate design from content. My wife can easily update the content of the site without having to worry about the design aspects, which can be changed and updated easily without messing up the content. It also allows the site to be more organic, growing over time rather than having to be all pre-fabbed in Dreamweaver. There are some good sites that have managed to use MT in this way, see here for instance:
    But I don’t like CGI, and having to constantly rebuild, etc. Even PHP output MT sites still are a pain in that regard.
    Here is the link for ecto:

    You should be aware that there have been issues with ecto support, though these may now have been solved. Because users are encouraged to use the default index.php and modify it with CSS you are right, there is not a whole lot of innovative design going on round here, but if you are a competent designer there is no reason at all why you should not createyour own templates. You will need to familarize yourself with the template functions, but you should not find WordPress too difficult to customize to your needs. Good luck.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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