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  • Can WordPress be used as a multi-user portal with the following specifications:

    1)Articles and announcements posted by the admin (probably using the blog feature for this – there will actually not be any traditional blogging done on this site)

    2)multi users joining site (eventually may reach 2000 users + but none will be allowed to have blogs)

    3)simple integrated users forum (much like this forum?)

    4)Event calendar

    5)Detailed ability for users to search other users profiles by criteria like age, male or female, hobbies, career type, real name, username, zip code, area code, state, etc…

    So I guess the big question that comes to mind, is WordPress robust enough for the features I outline above or should I think about going to a content management system, I know there are a few open source PHP / MySQL ones out there.

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  • whooami



    Its robust enough, sure with enough plugins and major tweeking. There are simpler solutions though.

    I dont understand, honestly, the tendancy people seem to have to use a fork to eat soup. WordPress fucntions best as what it is : a blog. 🙂

    When you say simpler solutions, what did you have in mind?

    The site is not developed yet so now would be the time I would switch to a more suitable solution.




    There are lots of options, I reccomend looking here:

    whooami, so are you implying that a CMS system would be a better way to go? Thanks.

    Brewster –

    I am running such a site.
    100% WordPress.
    Using the templates by for looks.
    XForum plug-in for the Forum (works great)
    over 300+ members (so far) (it’s a members-only site; password protected etc)
    I use Event Calendar (not the current version) for the calendar so iCal users can subscribe to the multiposted event calendar
    User searchable and user postable (limited categories etc)

    I got all the help I needed to build it here in these forums with these great folks, and by doing a lot of trial and error building and re-building.

    Since it is member-specific I can’t let everyone in to see it; But if you’d like to pepper me with questions about how/what etc…I’ll try as I can to open up any doors of knowledge and point you to resources and people who know better than I.

    -devils advocate

    devils_advocate, thanks that’s a great help.

    The owner of the site told me today, she wants a “personals’ type search feature for the members. Included with that would be the ability for members to upload photos of themselves with their profile.

    I see that there are the plug-ins “Userextra” “Usermeta” so those look nice but don’t see where a photo upload with the profile is an option. From what I have researched as well, there are some more robust search plugins so I need to see if I could modify one of those to just be a user profile search tool.

    Looks like the calendar and forum items will be fine.

    robust “search”?

    The built-in search is pretty robust (sometimes a bit too much robust)

    It sounds like you want to build a “personals” site…I’m not sure all the pieces exist to do one in WordPress yet…but good luck..!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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