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  1. roccobarbi
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi everyone.

    I'm setting up a multilingual website to advertise some services I'm providing as a freelance and I'd like to include a blog to publish articles related to my fields and attract visitors even when they're not really interested in buying.

    The blog would be just a part of the website (and there would be a blog in italian and another one in english), so is it possible to include a wordpress-based blog in an xhtml website?

    I mean something like:

    --about me
    ---web marketing
    --contact me
    -----landing page 1
    -----landng page n

    So the blog should be integrated in the site's main layout, like:

    | logo and header |
    |m| blog |
    |y| blog |
    | | blog |
    |s| blog |
    |i| blog |
    |d| blog |
    |e| blog |
    |b| blog |
    |a| blog |
    |r| blog |

    And logo, header and sidebar wouldn't really be managed by wordpress.

  2. alanharris
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Why don't you use WP as a CMS, then you could have the site and blog seamlessly rolled into one?

    Use "pages" for your site and "posts" for your blog.

    You should be able to theme WP to be the same as your site without too much drama.

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