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  • dsalamausernet


    I’m considering using WordPress for a client of ours. They are looking for a simple CMS tool that allows their employees to modify the text of their site (we will develop the layout and Look & Feel). However, they have a few requirements which, since we are new to WordPress, we don’t know if they are supported:

    1) We will basically design the entire site’s layout and look and feel, and initial content
    2) They will have access to modify the contents of the site, including adding new images, by first having to log in
    3) They should not have access to create logins. We will do that for them
    4) Once the site is deployed, it should not allow the public or visitors to modify anything, register, login, or post any comments. Just a straight, simple site
    5) They want to have a contact us form. The form should store the information in some sort of database that they (the client) can look at after for review, email replying, etc.

    Is this all possible with WordPress? What plugins or external tools will work with WordPress that will allow us to use it for this purpose?


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  • moshu


    1-4. can be done
    5. I can’t remember any contact form that stores the data in a db. (though I might be wrong 🙂



    5 – I haven’t seen a plugin that does that yet either. But it sure wouldn’t be all that tough to build one.



    Google “WordPress as CMS.” You’ll find an account of someone’s complete experience doing just what you describe. It’ll help you decide if using WP is right for you. Hmm, an alternative: Expensive ($224.50 with standard discount), but very simple for the end-user – and not much work for the designer/programmer, I suspect. (I just bought CP – I’m a writer and DO want to avoid code.)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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