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  • hello

    im wondering if this is possible

    i want to use wordpress as a CMS with a blog aswell, i want the front page to act as a blog but without comments etc, i want to make posts on there displaying date and i want to make the posts through the admin panel

    and i want the blog with comments etc enabled to be on a seperate page, i know there are plugins and ways to have the home page as a static page but i dont want it to be static

    basically i want a seperate blog for each page but the home page does not have comments enabled its more of an updates page which is also updated through admin panel

    is this possible??

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  • There are a lot of ways you could do this, here is one of them:
    create a home page template where the posts do not have the comments form visible. Now, nobody can submit a comment on the home page.
    To do this, you’ll need to understand the template hierarchy (of which there is ample documentation in the codex)

    i don’t just want a normal wordpress page though, i want the homepage to have updates with dates etc on it like blog posts, but this is not the actual blog

    i want the blog on a separate page

    am i making any sense :p




    is this possible??


    whooami can you give me a few pointers pleaseee

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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