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  • hi!

    I spent a lot of time playing with wordpress for a real estate website. After a fair bit of ‘messing around’, I’m not pretty much done. I’d VERY much appreciate any feedback (negative and positive) now that it’s finally live:

    I look forward to any reactions.


    Paul Johnston

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  • I like it, however there are a few things I noticed while having a quick look around. Look at the top menu, the blue background, if you are going for a equally spaced background is a bit too heavy on bottom and no space on top. Second, the “Current Newsletter” menu choice gets cut off after you hover it. Other than that, nice site.

    Apart from the font choice, okay. But how about some color gradient.

    bdeaton – thanks, i hadn’t noticed the newsletter issue! good catch and i’ll try to repair.

    fink – what do you mean about colour gradient? I don’t quite understand.

    thanks so much for the response.

    Apparently you like blue, so use a few more different blue tones for the background. That is what I mean with gradient.




    i dont like the blue used in that menu thing. it’s totally the wrong shade for being on top of the background blue

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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