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    For a client, I’m gonna develop an web application system for “stock/inventory” functionalities.

    This business has 50 entities (CPT or Classes) approx. There are a few relationships between them, but there are not complex logic in those. Most of the development work will be dedicated to store data and showing it (CRUD).

    For that, I wanna use wordpress as a backend only. My plan is to use CPT and ACF to store data, and modify the administrative tables with WP_List_Table functions to show the data in a better way. Also I should use the plugin P2P for n:m relationships.

    I’ve never developed with WordPress this amount of entities/CPT. So, a few questions are:

    1) Could I have any kind of problem using WordPress for this ?
    2) Do you recommend using CPT/ACF/P2P or I should use custom Classes/DB Tables ?
    3) Could I have problems if the storage data grows up very fast? (I mean huge DB tables for querying it)

    More data:
    The web application won’t have more than 30 user and they won’t work simultaneously.
    I’ll put the installation in a dedicated server with good features.

    I’m planning the architecture right now, so any piece of advice or information is welcome. Thanks and Regards!

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  • Luis Sacristán



    I think you shouldn’t have any problem using WordPress fit your project. If you are going to deal with huge amount of data perhaps you should add some from task to improve performance: wp_posts table could store data you don’t need: p.e revisions, so, in a future, you will need to delete this data.

    Good luck on your project



    Hi Luis, thanks for the reply.

    I didn’t understand: “from task to improve performance”. I tried to google it but nothing good was found. Can you give me some information about it so I can research it?

    Thanks again. Regards!

    1) Scaling problems, but that’s not so much a WordPress problem as it is a “giant database” problem.

    2) If you can, it would probably be best if you separated the data out in a new table.

    3) Yes, but similar to point #1, this isn’t so much a WordPress problem as it is a “huge DB tables for querying” problem.

    You may want to run a load test on your dedicated server to simulate the expected usage before trying it live and hoping everything doesn’t come crashing to the ground.

    Luis Sacristán


    Sorry, f@#king mobile keyboard. I meant “add some cron tasks to improve performance”



    Hi Leland,

    Researching for CPT vs custom Classes I’ve found this opinion: “Custom Classes may increase performance and flexibility, but makes it harder to integrate the data in that table with WordPress plugins”

    I cannot decide it yet because I know that Custom Classes will have more development time. So if CPT/ACF/P2P make the web app “good enough” in terms of response time (user experience) I’ll take that way

    Thank you!

    Yes, that sounds about right.

    It sounded like you were more concerned with performance from your original post, which is why I recommended a separate table originally.

    However, if you’re willing to sacrifice performance in exchange for saved time, using something like ACF would probably work out fine.



    @lelandf thanks a lot!

    My number one priority right now is to make sure that this project could be done with WordPress. Would be a disaster to realize that in the middle of the development.

    The end users will be administrative employees, so I don’t have huge restriction of response time (user experience). Anyway, I’ll put the WordPress installation in a good dedicated server. So if with CPT/ACF/P2P I’ll get a response time of 5-10 seconds, I’ll take this way… Just in case, because this will be only a WordPress backend installation, as a response time I mean [1] saving a CPT (eg: with 20 fields), or [2] Render its administrative table with a little of customization (using WP_List_Table functions).

    If I can make sure about that I’ll discard another framework (eg Lavarel).


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