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  • Hey Everyone,

    I’m integrating eCommerce into an existing website I’ve designed.

    I discovered FoxyCart and I absolutely love it!

    Now I need a CMS that will integrate with FoxyCart and allow me to easily manage the online store. I would like to go open source. Key features are being able to easily add/edit items. It’s gotta be able to organize them into categories that are searchable by brand, price, color, etc… There will probably be about 50 products to start but will increase to around 200+.

    I also need an simple way to implement customer reviews.

    WordPress seems like could fit most of my needs. There’s a great tuorial from CSS Tricks on how to integrate WordPress + FoxyCart which looks like a perfect solution.

    The WordPress UI is awesome. I really like it, but I’m under the impression that it’s better suited for blogs than eCommerce applications. However, it seems like it could handle the job through the use of custom fields for product descriptions, price, photos etc… And attributes and parents for categorization. Not sure about the sorting options I want though…

    Does anyone know if I will be able to do the things I mentioned above?

    I’ve seen there are some eCommerce plugins for WP. Shopp in particular looks interesting. However, it doesn’t support my payment gateway/merchant account.

    What do you guys recommend? Does anyone have any other ideas that may help me decide what to do?

    Thanks in Advance… WordPress is awesome and I really hope I can use it for this!


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