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    Are there any plugins or hacks that will better facilitate WordPress as a photo blog?

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    You need a cool photoblog THEME, more than plugins. Search this forum, and also

    It’s usually the theme style that makes it a photoblog. Usually it’s a theme where there is 1 post on the homepage, and the post consists of just 1 large photo. Then you can click Next Post / Previous Post, to get to more photos. Or you can check out photos sorted by category, or archives by date.

    Some helpful plugins might be, Ultimate Tag Warrior to put descriptive tags on your photos (more detailed than categories)…. and I think there’s a cool plugin, maybe PostThumbs, that could help you create an archive page showing a bunch of thumbnails.



    even with a modified theme to make it look like a photoblog, wordpress’s administration is NOT photoblog-friendly. just look at how awkward photos are uploaded and handled.

    i would suggest you use a more robust software like from and if you have a wordpress blog, they both can play well together to display thumbnails on your wp blog.

    Have a look at

    Would be pleased to see another photoblog online soon.

    Greets from Salzburg,


    Gallery 2 plugin is perfect for this.

    I use flickr to host the images rather than wp’s clumsy handling of photos.

    Although a feature similar to pixelposts ‘post x amount of time after last post’ would be SO usefu1! Actually – it’d be useful for everyone!

    I have used Yapb for my photoblog. I love it!

    Also working on this site…

    I found using wordpress as a photoblog strange while also posting my photos to flickr. I’ve settled on a home grown solution – a photoblog build on flickr. You can see a demo and download it below.

    You could also try PhotoQ.

    @xhan: it also features automated posting.

    My AWSOM Pixgallery plugin is also a good solution for photoblogs. One special feature of the plugin is an optional ability to actually resize and format your original photos that you upload to the server. So say you take all of your photos as very large resolution images, and want a quick way to post them without bothering to process them down to web viewing size, all you need to do is ftp a copy of the original files directly to a folder you set up on the server, set that folder as your gallery, then pixgallery will automatically resize, re-encode, and rewrite the image files to be the size you tell it you want them to be (sort of like a batch process in Photoshop). So it becomes a simple process of just dumping the images and letting the plugin do the processing for you. This will actually also work outside of galleries for regular photos in your posts or pages, but this requires you to have all of your images be selectable and set for re-encoding and be linked to using HTML from your images folder. Of course pixgallery has auto-thumbnailing, custom naming, etc. too.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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