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  • The company I work for provides a variety of IT-related services, and we sell different sorts of systems to other companies, depending on what they need.

    I want to create a training site for all of our clients, but I am not certain if WordPress is the best way to go.

    First, I want clients to be able to go to the site and use SEARCH features that depend on precisely what kind of product they have. (Kind of like searching only in the realm of apples, or only in the realm of oranges.) That way, they get what they need and won’t get confused by information from different kinds of products.

    I’m worried that WordPress does not have a very strong search engine that can do this, and I don’t know how to implement one. Is this possible? I do plan to use custom post types to separate the content types.

    Secondly, implementation. I don’t actually have access to the website we already have, so I am making a brand new site JUST for training. I don’t know if it would be best to try and look into WP multisite abilities or recommend using a subdomain to my employers.

    Any recommendations or information would be greatly appreciated.

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  • The search in WordPress is OK, but it’s not meant to be an all-encompasing solution. You can create your own search functions pretty easily with plugins, shortcodes, templates or a mix of them all. How you actually do the search will be something that you’ll have to decide for yourself depending on just how you expect it to work.

    If you’re doing a single webiste for training, I would highly recommend not using multisite. There’s just no need for it. Just use a sub-domain, or a sub-folder of the existing site. A sub domain is good for creating a little sub-site if that’s needed, but I’d personally recommend using a sub-folder as that keeps it all under the same main domain name, which is better for SEO.

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