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  • I have been exploring all kinds of blogs lately because I would like to use blogging as a means to publish our students magazine. Does WordPress support that?
    I really need revisioning of articles before publication, is that possible?
    Does anyone have experience trying this?
    Thx for the help

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  • In wordpress you can have multiple authors, but I’m not sure if you can set it so they are unable to post. What you can do is have them write a post and save it as a draft, and then you can come and publish it, but I’m not sure if you can set it so they can’t publish without going through you.
    You could probably make a plug-in, but just “out of the box,” I dunno.
    As for the template, you can do a lot as for how you want to set up the look. You’d have to be more specific as to how you’d want the magazine to work, but I’d imagine you could do it.

    Well, if you have done the research then you know the limitations of using blog software to publish a student magazine. To answer your question: yes, but it will take some slight modification by someone who knows PHP.

    aquila – You may want to look at Drupal. It has the ability to hold posts for approval, either by one person or a group. Charlie Lowe has done a great job with putting together a distribution of Drupal specifically for use in writing classrooms.
    WordPress is a great single-user weblog, but for classroom use, with multiple students publishing in their own weblogs, plus the revisioning aspect you are looking for, Drupal may be a better choice.

    So there is no sufficient single user support in WordPress? What a pity…

    “sufficient single user support?”
    It’s suffficient for 99% of us – just not sufficient for someone who wants custom features for a specific use that the software was not designed for! 🙂

    It occurs to me that you don’t really need for your student contributors to use a blog interface at all. Why not just have them submit their stuff to you via email (or network), you proof it, and then you post it to the blog in the final, edited version? You can attach the author’s name to it no problem. If the posts have to pass through your approval anyway, I don’t see the purpose of giving the students access to the blog’s publishing interface at all–they’re not going to be able to post anytime/anywhere they want. Just a thought.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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