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  • Greetings WordPress family,

    As a web designer/developer, I’ve been using WordPress for a number of websites (mainly small to medium size businesses) and it was more than satisfying. However, I am now in the process of creating an eBay-like website and wondering if WordPress would be a good solution. To be specific, it’s not 100% like eBay (actually, much less than eBay). I’ll just need visitors to register to have access to their account/profile pages where they can upload “stuff” to sell (basically, product’s info + pics), but there WON’T be actual selling/buying, just listings of whatever users have uploaded categorized under whatever they fit into, and other people/visitors just browsing these “stuff”. Similar to the look and feel of eBay, but much smaller in functionality and, as mentioned, no actual buying/selling is happening (don’t ask why!).

    My main areas of concern are three: firstly, visitors should be able to register and manage their profiles (user-specific pages), upload stuff to sell, delete stuff from listings, terminate account… etc. where these listings must first be approved by admins before being published <== (Important). Secondly, TONS of reports to satisfy the website owners (e.g. most viewed products, most searched keywords, most active users… etc.). And lastly, must be bilingual (and easy to manage both website versions).

    So, would you recommend WordPress for this type of website? If yes, what plugins, etc. would you recommend for some of these features? If no, what other *free* CMS would be better at handling the job? (Drupal?)

    P.S. I love these great forums and community; I always find what I’m looking/asking for 🙂

    Thanks in advance folks!

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  • Hello again family, if any.
    Never mind my above 2 months old question, I eventually ended up using WordPress for this project.

    P.S. I still love these great forums and community.

    Hi Hassan,
    I’m looking for a free CMS that does exactly what you’ve described. You mentioned that you used WordPress for it. Which theme did you use?

    Hello, imbuhira

    Yes, I’ve used WordPress for that. This piece of CMS is unbelievably flexible and extensible way beyond what I’ve thought possible!

    I’ve used my own custom theme, since I wanted to have complete control over my layout. Though I started with a free blank theme that had some of the functions I needed.

    Assalamualaikum Hassan,

    hello, Hassan could you please give me hint or more detail about this project? I really need to build a site that similliar as this case, but hitting some deadend.

    especially about the functions that makes anyone can sell and post their items?

    I’m so greatfull if you could help me,
    my email


    Joniiskandar, wa alaykom assalam

    I have used the Toolset plugins package from onTheGoSystems to accomplish most of the website functionality. It is a great plugin indeed, though not free ($149 at the time I purchased) but because Web development is mostly my job, I could build websites on WordPress that generate money for me, way more than just $149, that’s why I think it was a good investment to make.

    I could go on here explaining how exactly I’ve built the site etc. but if you go to that plugin’s site you’ll get more information for yourself. They even allow you to set up a free demo site to experiment with the plugins and decide if it’s what you’re looking for.

    I am not trying to promote that plugin or affiliate you etc. I am merely telling how I’ve managed to achieve what I originally asked about. I understand that premium plugins may not always seem like a viable option, especially if it’s for use on only one site, but I invested on this one (and I do not usually purchase premium plugins at all).

    Let me know if you need anything else 🙂

    P.S. not good to post your email address in public forums 🙂

    thanks alot Hassan,

    it’s look like a great plugins
    but the price is too high for me who live in 3rd world country 😐

    um, any other good alternate way maybe for my case?

    can you gimme a sneak peak about what the final site that you build with that plugins, just if you confortable with that just email me the link 🙂


    Okay, will do… as soon as it goes live =)

    Ebay = multi-vendor marketplace. WordPress core limits to a single-vendor marketplace.

    “WordPress core limits to a single-vendor marketplace”

    @rondsy, I’m not sure what you mean with that.

    Let me qualify that statement. The WordPress API does not lend well for an Ebay/Esty like script on a single install nor can a WordPress MU install compete with an Ebay like script. There exist other function that the API limits. There are task that must be done within the backend. You would never see this in Ebay nor Etsy. It would be unacceptable to require sellers to go into the admin backend to edit/add certain functions. The API does not limit functionality, rather it would be better stated, WordPress API design requires sellers to go into the admin backend panel, secondly, the multi-vendor schema works better on a MU setup and not a single install.

    When I state multi-vendor market I am including the ability to sell digital and physical goods. The complicated issue while offering a script for multi-vendor for physical goods is allowing each seller to configure their own shipping parameters. These parameters would reflect in a shopping cart total with a mix of the different sellers with different shipping rates, taxes, restrictions and shipping carriers.

    Here are some issues which challenges WordPress core (API) design:

    – 1 – Allowing each seller to design their own landing page independent in style/layout from other sellers pages (required MU)
    – 2 – Having different themes/templates for each seller – keep branding in mind (requires MU)
    – 3 – Shipping conditions for each seller would be different
    – 4 – Independent/separate shipping configurations for each seller would be offered – this includes if the sellers wants an auto calc for shipping rates
    – 5 – The shopping cart or basket would have to sort out the several sellers with different shipping parameters, taxes, delivery condition, assuming the products selected are from different sellers

    : A mult-vendor marketplace script would be most efficient and eloquent on a dedicated platform that was built, at conception, for a multi-seller environment. I may be incorrect in some of these items I list however they each seem to be accurate and more so with each day passing. I am doing research so that I may write a product review at Talking Manuals. In the process, I’ve yet to find an enterprise Ebay-like script for WordPress (or that even comes close) that is eloquent, efficient and provides the hardy functions of Ebay.

    @rondsy, wow that was one insightful tl;dr over there 😛

    Seriously though, I’ll have to agree with you on that. Even though WordPress is an incredibly extensible CMS and already powering many e-commerce sites, there doesn’t seem to be a way currently to build something like ebay on top of WordPress. But who knows, maybe in version 4.0 or 5.0 we’ll get something, I see a bright future for the multisite feature.

    As for my case, the project has eventually shifted to be more of a classifieds website than a multi-vender e-store, so WordPress was obviously able to handle that. I have two types of users registering (individuals and companies), creating ads with descriptions, photos, etc. and submitting them after selecting a duration (2 weeks, 1 month, etc.), admins get to approve/reject listings after receiving payment from user, and listings expiring automatically after the date set by the submitter.. in addition to many other features.

    Overall, I’m happy with what I’ve achieved so far. I had no idea how to build something like that on WordPress which involves a lot of front-end activity for users at the time of my OP (or if it could be done in the first place)… hey you learn something new everyday 🙂


    I am trying to achieve something like @hasssn has achieved. Congrats!.
    WordPress is very extensible software and loved working on it. But just now having some problems.
    Key points what i am trying to achieve.

    Companies and individuals be able to register.
    They be able to upload their products.
    I should have all the information of them in backend.
    I be able to take payments weekly or for listing process.

    Hassan can u help me guide bit of that i be able to work on. I am trying but its not going right..

    email [Redacted]

    saqibikram, I think what you’ve listed there is pretty much the core of it.

    So, unless you’re a PHP ninja and willing to code everything yourself, I’d suggest you spend some cash on plugins that can provide you with some of the functionality.

    1. For registrations, there are many plugins that can help. Your choice depends on the project specifications. I’ve went with Formidable Pro for this.
    2. For creating and editing products from the frontend, Formidable Pro was also of help as well as Toolset plugins.
    3. You will obviously have all the info in the backend, nothing special to build here. I should note that Custom Post Types are the way to go for these types of projects.
    4. I haven’t honestly experimented with payments yet, but I see many of the respected forms plugins offer some kind of integration with PayPal et al.

    So, to sum up, the core of this mostly depends on frontend interactivity for your users. Forms plugins (that I’m aware of and have tried) which have advanced features to handle these scenarios are: Formidable Pro, Gravity Forms, and CRED (part of Toolset). All these are premium so you pick your thing.

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