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  • Nice job! I know it’s kinda frowned upon by some in the WP community, as they like to stick to their blog roots, but I have also modified WordPress into as good as a full blown CMS for clients – and they are very happy!

    It runs very lean from base instalation, easy to understand and the plugin and development community is massive.

    With a good collection of plugins and a bit of code modification, WordPress makes a very capable, expandable CMS for all but the most complex of websites.


    I use it for clients on a budget. Just because they’re a small client with a small budget is no reason they should be cut off from the benefits of a good CMS. WordPress allows them to compete.

    Could you give me an idea of how to accpmloish this? Is there an article out there I have been missing?

    Also is there a way to let other people post articles to a wordpress blog without accessing the control pannel?

    dbc… ditto ditto, I think alot of developers use it as a CMS!

    Karl – the user level you setup will allow reasonable control over access, but if you really want control over users you should check out

    The plugin download link off this site leads through to redalt – an excellent website with alot of good plugin resources. However, I noticed that he is running maintainence on his website at the moment. If you Google it you should be able to find the plugin uploaded somewhere.

    To find out about using WordPress have a look at this for a start –

    Also, Google WordPress CMS and search this site too. It’s all about a little modification, some good plugins, some conditional statements and a bit of php magic – it all depends on how far you want (or are prepared) to go! I have modified it to such an extent now that it is an easy to use platform for developing websites of pretty much any type now! The only thing I’m really missing is a good integrated shop component… but all in due time!

    The bottom line is that since WP1.5 introduced ‘pages’ rather than just posts and categories… that basically made it into a CMS. I’m just waiting for the WordPress community to acknowledge this, and embrace the full power of their baby!

    Hell YES! I’ve used WP as a CMS on dozens of sites. It works very well…especially with 2.0’s ability to have custom templates for each page/section/whatever. I know Textpattern had it before, but with this advent…and WP’s easy customizations…it’s far outstripped TP’s abilities.

    *thumbs up* Looks good!



    I’m using WordPress as a CMS too, have been doing so even when I had 1.2.x (OK, some pages were static) and it saves so much time.

    I am very new to this, but this is what i would like to do with my wordpress site, so that i can have a few different places i can multipost to. How is this accomplished, do i need a specific plugin? I have asked this question a different way and i didnt get an answer that i thought answered my question so maybe i wasnt asking the right question lol forgive my ignorance as i said, i am totally new to all this.

    I can not seem to view the site you posted but I have hoping to this for the last few weeks and having been going nuts trying to figure it out. Please read (and hopefully respond) to my other post about this:

    I would think what I am hoping to do should be farely simple but I am lost.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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