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  • Hi, I am new to wordpress, my directions were to get akismet , download it and get an API key. I set up an account but cannot locate the API Key. It tells me that it will be in my email but it isn’t. Also once I get it, how do I upload akismet to my blog. Please help, I don’t know what else to try. Thank you Naomi

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  • admin – plugins – installed
    akismet should already be there as it comes with the zip
    admin – plugins – akismet configuration
    where you enter your api key

    Yes, but WHERE is the API key found?

    If you log in to, and click on “My account” and “Edit Profile”, you will see it.


    Hi Tom (or whoever knows the answer),

    I’ve been looking at several posts and can’t get to the answer I’m looking for. I do NOT have wordpress.COM account but a wordpress.ORG account. I simply cannot find the Api Key when I log in. All post references send people to the wordpress.COM page but that doesn’t get me in because I do not have an account with them. If I get a wordpress.COM account, will the API KEY work for my wordpress.ORG account?

    I am trying to connect my YouTube updates to my personal self-hosted blog but it says this: “WordPress Self-Hosted: Requires an API key and the API URL”

    Please tell me exactly where to go and find it. I’ve tried but have not had much success.

    I appreciate any help you can give me.

    Thank you,

    Hello – the whole point is you HAVE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT WITH WORDPRESS.COM to get an API key. You don’t need a blog there, just a user account. That is the only way to get the API key. Its just how it works – sorry for the inconvenience

    Sorry, but this thing is messed up.

    It’s just not logical and I’ll look for other
    platform to run a blog

    You can always use a different anti-spam plugin and not activate Akismet. Then you don’t need an API key.

    So I’ve got a account… now how do I associate it with my blog? Keep getting a message that:

    “You are not a member of this blog.

    If you have just installed the Stats plugin, this error probably appeared because the API key entered in the plugin belongs to a different user account.”

    Any ideas?

    Make sure you are creating a wordpress profile on not If you don’t see the “my account” in the left hand corner, you’re probably on

    Sorry, but this thing is messed up.

    It’s just not logical and I’ll look for other
    platform to run a blog.

    True that. I dread asking questions on WP forums. Can anybody recommend a user friendly platform?

    The forums here are great, so don’t be afriad of asking.

    If you find the effort/ease/reaward ratio of using (self hosted and managed software platform) not to be to your liking, nothing is wrong with that!!!

    I would suggest you try, or something like livejournal ..that is a solution where someone else does the ‘work’ part.

    To be honest, after a ton of research and reading I found wordpress (self hosted) to be easy to work with. If you want to manage your own installation, I personally dont think you will find anything easier or better, but thats just my opinon.

    Best of luck to you and good luck!!!

    ~ Dpak

    If you have a blog and you need an API then open a account and use the API key from the .com account for askimet in your .org account.

    You don’t have to link them (the .org & .com account), it’s all done automatically.

    opening a account is easy, the blog is stored at instead of your host of choice.. but it wont affect your blog installation elsewhere, and your account is totally unrelated to your installation on another host, they dont link up…your just getting the account because it has the API KEY…
    after setting up your account at, and logging in to, click on “My account” very top left of screen, and “Edit Profile”, the API KEY will be on that page in tiny text.

    just as an aside, the advantage of is you can quickly switch between your different blogs if you have seveal, from the universal dashboard with 1 click..its very fast for me.



    I have numerous WP set ups with various self hosted blogs. Can I micro manage and just use ONE API key for all?

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