WordPress and/or Database creating multiple entries in database from single post (4 posts)

  1. ewooding
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    I am using version 2.7 and I have noticed a small problem with the latest versions, perhaps since 2.5. When I create an entry wordpress will give it a number, the first post is 1, the second post is 2 and so on. Except, my problem is that I will create a post and it will not follow the last post sequentially. For instance, this morning I created 5 posts (these are the only 5 posts created during this time) and the numbers that wordpress is giving them is 720, 722, 724, 726 and a few hours later 735.

    I have taken a look at the database itself and it will show duplicates for each entry. 720-721 are the same, 722-23, etc... However if you go into wordpress and try to go to /?p=721 or any of the duplciates it will show nothing.

    Any help would be appreciated and i'll try to provide more information as requested.

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  3. ewooding
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    No one?

  4. That's not an error, that's WP saving your revisions.

    If they're not to your liking, use something like Revision Control Plugin to manage them.

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