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  • icydk


    I just bought a new laptop – and it’s running Window’s Vista. Once I tried posting on WordPress – I noticed that some of the feature’s aren’t working properly. I can’t switch over to code to enter HTML, I can’t get the link window to open so I can insert the link…

    I asked around a bit, and it looks like there are other people having problems getting wordpress to work with Vista.

    Anyone have ANY advice or help? I’m so frustrated – I just spent all this money on the laptop, and I’m not able to use it!

    Please help!

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  • MichaelH


    Maybe it isn’t Vista but a browser problem.

    What if you install FireFox?



    On Firefox I still have problems. For example…in IE I can’t type any text at all in the text box, but in Firefox I can. In Firefox I when I click on the link box, a blank box pops up – then I can never get it to go away. (I did a search in this forum, and found other users have the same problem with Vista)

    In IE I cannot switch from Visual to Code. It will only stay in visual (although I can’t type text anyway).

    I contacted my support team with my server – and they said it’s a wordpress issue, and many people are reporting problems with wordpress not working with Vista.



    It says there is a reply from Nokao – but I don’t see it?



    As a (recent) Vista user, I’m pleased to say that seems pretty unlikely.

    I’m managing my blogs from a Vista Business laptop using IE7 and FF2 with no issues.

    If I had to guess, I’d wonder if your new laptop doesn’t have some “free” firewall or internet security stuff on it that is causing the problems.



    I looked on this site – and searched under “Vista” and found many other problems with vista and wordpress… is it the version of wordpress I’m using?



    I’m using Vista w/IE7 and have had zero problems working with or using WordPress.



    Looking back on your posts, I would say it is a problem in your code, js, or a plug-in.

    The OS would be at the bottom of the list as a potential cause. Your site doesn’t validate (problems with open & in ads) and while this won’t cause the problems you are having you should polish that up when you get the chance. Any validation problems can effect the user experience.

    You might try a clean install of just the default WP and see if you get the same results.



    probably that Cookie problem!, just make a hack for it.



    I too at first doubted that there was a problem until I ran across it…

    I have only seen it happen with Vista.

    What happens is that in IE, you can’t post and in Firefox when you click on the anchor button in your tinymce, the box will not close nor allow you to add a link.

    There is a simple solution to hack the problem, not necessarily solve it.

    Under your options tab, make sure your site URL does not have www.

    As long as your domain is just, that will solve the problem.

    Hope that helps.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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