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  • I’ve been working with WP for several weeks now – and am realising it takes a long time to build a good CMS site with WP!

    OK, some will say that WP is just a blog or super-blog. But I thought it was advertising itself as so much more…the answer to all online publishing!

    Maybe I’m not understand how it works, or can’t find the right plugin or widget. But the application of the ‘sidebar’ in WP is abominable!

    If you have a sidebar, or a column on your site to hold non-article content, there’s a fair chance that you might want this column to hold different content and links depending on which page or section of your site you’re in. what you need for certain pages/sections is relevant links, relevant categories, relative side content. And yet it seems you can’t have this in WP?

    By and large, as much as I can see, you’re stuck with one lot of sidebar content for your whole site! I’m not complaining about the wealth of widgets and plugins available, but more about the fact that what you put in your sidebar applies everywhere on your site! (unless you use some fiendishly hard-to-understand exclusion widgets).

    Surely this can’t be so? Surely anyone engineering a true publishing platform will understand that people need to display different sidebar content according to which page/section they’re on? Surely?….

    Someone shoot me down in flames and put me right. I’ve probably missed something obvious and won’t mind admitting it.

    But the way I see it at the moment, for all its lovely drag and drop functionality and the huge range of sidebar plugins and widgets…WP still doesn’t address a fundamental issue of flexible publishing!

    To my mind you should be able to build any number of sidebars. And you should be able to attach any chosen sidebar to any chosen page.

    Wouldn’t it be worth spending some time on such a fundamental requirement for designing user-friendly sites….than chasing some of the more superfluous aspects of the programme?


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