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  • Has anyone here installed both the WordPress software and phpBB in the same MySQL database? The reason why I am asking is because on a ‘freebie host’ site, you only get one MySQL database and I was wondering if someone had done this, were there any conflicts such as both phpBB and WordPress using the same names for some of their database tables?
    Thanks for your questions in advance

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  • I haven’t installed phpBB, but I have installed Invision Power Board, with no problems, in a single mySQL db. (In addition to numerous other php/mysql apps.) I’m also on a ‘freebie host’ that only allows one db. Most of the scripts I’ve installed ask for a table prefix in their config files, so there shouldn’t ever be any conflicts with ‘same names’. Even if theoretically WP and phpBB (or anything else) used the same table name for something, the prefix you specify for each will keep them from colliding (i.e. using ‘wp_’ as a prefix for WP, phpBB_ as a prefix for phpBB.)

    I have WordPress, bBlog, OekakiPoteto, and 2 phpBB installed in the same database. The conflict in table names won’t occur as long as you follow the directions.
    Cena mentioned what most scripts use now when it comes to adding tables, to avoid smashing tables as such.
    Hope this helps. 🙂

    I have word press and phpBB on a server. No problems, been a few months. Just follow the directions and you will be fine. 🙂

    I was able to get to install wordpress and phpBB on my webspace. I followed southerngal’s advice by simply “following the directions’ and it worked like a champ. I also saw what Cena posted in the phpBB install software in reference to:
    “the prefix you specify for each will keep them from colliding (i.e. using ‘wp_’ as a prefix for WP, phpBB_ as a prefix for phpBB.)”
    In fact, the phpBB software will allow you to change the default and specify a new prefix before continuing with the installation of phpBB.
    Thanks for your help

    I’m glad you got it installed and working, presto! 🙂


    The only problem is that wordpress and phpbb use the same user variable names, so you can’t authenticate to PHPBB (eg, if you only wanted logged-in phpbb users to be able to comment or view your WordPress) without hacking wordpress to rename the variable (much easier to change it in WP than PHPBB, since it’s only in 3 or 4 places instead of every page)
    It’d be nice if they did ‘the great renaming’ for all session variables, too.

    hey this thread is old but…i’ve been surfing around many threads n there seems just so many ppl who want phpBB and WP to integrate…swt can any1 help me out too? i don’t understand what to change tho i get the idea tho…can sum1 write a Dummy Walkthrough for me? plz? T.T

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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