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  • Is it possible to show my phpbb forum in a page?

    For example creating a link in the page menu and opening the forum where the page was suposed to be?


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  • So, anyone knows?

    Just add a link to your forum to your theme’s sidebar.php. That’s all you’re trying to do, right?

    just do a simple searche in the plugin directory and you will find a loooot:
    her a link:

    Good luck 😉

    not exactly, if I put a link to the sidebar it will show the forum page itself. I was wondering if there’s a way to keep the blog template and make the forum appear where it was supposed to appear the other pages of the site.

    @taghaboy – It only showed 2 plugins, and that’s not what I was looking for. I had already done that before.

    Okay, I think I understand what you meant to ask. This is it:

    Is there a plugin that will make my WordPress template, users, and everything else work with PHPBB?

    No. You would have to do considerable work on your phpBB template to make that work.

    Try bbpress instead if you want it to integrate easily into your blog.

    It’s more or less this. Let me try to explai better. I use the hemingway template. So the posts or the pages show on the top and at the bottom you have the navigation menu, right?

    What I would like is to have the “forum” link in the navigation menu and then when someone clicked on it, the forum would open in the top like if it was a post or a page, and the bottom part would still be there so the person could navigate to somehwere else

    Again: To do that, you will need to modify your PHP BB’s theme.

    Go through the WP theme, remove all WP tags, replace them with something appropriate to PHP BB.

    Since I’ve never tried to skin PHP BB (although I have run it in the past), I can’t be more specific. You would probably want to look for PHPBB-specific support.

    You can integrate WP and phpBB, including user login and the whole bit, by using the WP-United mod for phpBB:

    Using this mod (simple install using easymod) you can have your forum inside your blog (as you describe) or the other way around.

    You can have your blog’s sidebar, header, footer and everything display around your forum, though this complete integration will slow down your forum a bit. It also won’t validate (probably — mine won’t), but it works like a gem.

    Wow. That’s cool. If it lives up to its promise, it will be darn cool.

    Although I still favor bbpress over phpBB for most purposes…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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