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  • I have an on line photo gallery on my website. Right now, all the images are displayed via the NextGen gallery.

    I am considering the option of placing high rez images on the site, to allow my customers to purchase them and pay via PayPal.

    Not sure how to go about this, including how to make the images clickable to go into a cart for purchase…..

    Can someone offer a few start-up tips, or perhaps point me to a website or two that does this, so I can see what I need to do? Do I have to create an item number for each photo, or is the photo name good enough? Carts, stores, it’s all greek!

    Right now, I just need a little info on how this would work, then I’ll decide if it is something I would like to pursue. Sending photos to people is kind of a pain. The PayPal would be a sweet alternative.

    Thanks for any comments!

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  • Hi

    You add a Paypal Add to Cart button next to each image. You create this code on Paypal. You add it to the page/post and that is that.

    WordPress can be problematic at times adding HTML form code into posts – that is what the Paypal button code is, HTML form code. The newer versions from Paypal seem to cause fewer WordPress problems. There are some workarounds if it becomes an issue.

    If you anticipate some volume and can afford a small monthly fee for a cart with expanded features, check out Their software automatically sends the confirmation email to the customer with the download link in it, so there is nothing you need to do at all to complete the sale.

    Thanks for the thoughts on this. I am using NextGen gallery, so I don’t really know how I would be able to add a paypal button next to each image.

    There are so many of them, I’m not excited about putting them all on one page with the code next to them, either.

    Sounds like, due to my setup of using NextGen and having the images in a gallery, PayPal won’t be a good option for me?


    You will not be able to add Paypal buttons to any Gallery software that I am aware of.

    If you have several hundred images, you will probably find using Paypal buttons too much work.

    Here is an online one halfway between Paypal and a full blown cart.
    I’ve not worked with it yet but it looks interesting. take a look and see what you think.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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