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  • I have a wordpress blog on my root directory and an online store on my /store directory using a ecommerce programme.

    I frequently login to wordpress but went to visit my store after a couple of months.

    However, when I type in my website with /store/, the wordpress “nothing can be found for this page” message/page comes up. This didn’t used to happen before.

    I renamed my index.php file on wordpress to see if I can access it but still, it’s linking the store/ directory to wordpress saying contact administrator (because the index.php file was renamed). I also tried renaming my store directory but the nothing message comes up again.

    I’m not too technical minded but I can work my way around things following instructions. What else can I try to find a solution? I’m pretty sure last week when I visited store/admin it worked but I didn’t change anything. Help please.

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