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  • Hello Everybody,

    First off, I would like to thank all those members who have dedicated so much time to WordPress, and those who have developed plugins for WordPress. You guys desserve a big thanks for all the contributing…

    And now to the message:
    I would like to know if there is any plugin available that would allow my WP entries and archives to be posted to my Myspace profile’s blog site. I have friends and family that would like to read my blog entries from there, but Myspace does not use RSS syndication or anything like that. Any help regarding this issue is appreciated.

    Quick note, I am somewhat stupid when it comes to technical hacks, etc, so go lightly on that! Only if possible! 🙂

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  • I attempted to use Xrisxros for that but found that it was horribly unreliable, and this seems to be because of Myspace changing their system on a regular basis. I see also now the Xrisxros developer has given up on it too, so you might be out of luck.

    What’s up with the people at myspace, why don’t they implement RSS or something? It’s kind of archaic in a way…




    “What’s up with the people at myspace”

    Probably because they dont need to. They generate enough traffic leaving it just the way it is, repugnant as it may be.

    “What’s up with the people at myspace”

    “Probably because they dont need to. They generate enough traffic leaving it just the way it is, repugnant as it may be.”

    Repugnant is a good word, though I’d care to add “vile, disgusting, putrid, stupid, and ridiculous” as well.

    Why not send your friends and family to your blog with a link in MySp? Why not get rid of your MySp account all together? 😉 Sorry, I just think it’s the biggest waste of server space on the planet…

    I would be scared of where my family and friends wondered off to once they got to MySpace. Why don’t you have them meet you in the red light district for dinner while you’re at it. 😉

    Seriously, put links to your WordPress blog all over your MySpace account profile and then never log in again. That’s what I did (sorta).

    Myspace is a community, wordpress is a TOOL!

    Why is myspace so huge!. Because they succeeded at building a community. They found what people are looking for, and they gave it to them. Then they used HOORENDIS tools to build it. I mean, you can digg an oil well out with a spoon, DOES NOT MAKE IT A GOOD FREAKING IDEA.

    MySpace is what you get when someone with a TAD higher IQ studies the behavior of people well enough to get what he/she wants out of them (click on adds), NOTHING MORE TO IT. GOD HELP YOU if you defend such systems 🙂 seriously, go buy burgers, CD’s, and bouncy rubber balls.

    This isn’t the solution you’re looking for, but it is a way to integrate your WordPress headlines onto your Myspace. I hope this helps ya:

    It basically converts your RSS headlines daily into a hosted GIF, that’s easy to paste into Myspace with HTML. This helps to display your post titles outside WP, but it isn’t cross-posting to the actual MySpace blog.



    One more proof that MySpace is an useless crappity creepity thing: there are grammar errors in its interface, everything that’s advanced is disabled…one of the greatest evils of this century.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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