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  • I am wanting to play with mambo, but only have 1 DB right now. Will Mambo and WordPress play nicely on one database, or do I need to upgrade my account?

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  • Well, I had used Mambo/Joomla before, never meshed the DB’s together, but there is away to be able to use one DB with both.. Being that each software creates different tables.

    Also, check with the Mambo site or in their forums, I think they have a “bridge” to be able to use WP within Mambo. Or component or whatever you’d call it. They did for some other various blogging softwares, as well as forum softwares.

    When I went the cheap route, and only was limited to one database…I used other softwares within the same database. So you should be ok.. =) Correct me if I’m wrong Moderators or someone… =)


    Just make sure the softwares are not in the same folder with each other.. that might make things messy.. Have like: and then But just use the same db info as the mambo for the WP. Should be just fine..

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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