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  1. Cascus
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    Good Day WordPresser's. I have a client that is using an ecommerce platform for Distributors connected to a builder materials software called "Agility" from DMSi in Utah. Anyway, they are also using this BuilderWire's IBOS system with BuilderWire's Content Management System. However, I have seen some of the competition using WordPress with this IBOS Ecommerce system.

    For example: http://www.horsfords.com/
    They use the BuilderWire IBOS system for their store and WordPress for the CMS.
    Store is here, and I know this is the IBOS ecommerce system: http://store.horsfords.com/application_nevis/common/main/main.aspx

    Having said all that......
    If you have worked with this system before and WordPress...

    Is there any quirks with WordPress and this ecommerce system? It "seems" to me that in this example the company may have setup a sub-domain named "store" in which they have redirected to the IP address for IBOS ecommerce system.

    Jim Leeth
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