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  • Can anyone help with the installing WP into go-Daddy as the server? I successfully installed it, believe I have the connection strings done ok but after 4 days, the blog does not show on the internet. Is there a hidden secret here? thanks….

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  • What’s the domain?

    Did you install manually (created the database, uploaded the files via FTP, did install.php) or use Godadddy’s Hosting Connection WordPress installation process?

    The domain is and I used their hosting connection installation, which was very easy and seamless. sorry I didn’t answer sooner…we we’re out watching the Indiana Jones movie. I did get a response from go-Daddy with the same question but their answer didn’t help much…too thin and not enough detail. thanks…steve

    I am having the same issues with I get the usual error messages about their not being a My SQL database, even though it is installed. A different post said to change from Windows to Linux hosting, still no luck getting wordpress to install.

    p.s. I used ftp. Got the same ‘vague’ responses from Go-Daddy reps.

    There is this

    This domain,, if hosted at Godaddy, needs to be changed to a linux hosting account.

    I just talked to a live contact at go-Daddy and he claims that he can get the blog to display on the net and that everything looks setup to run but I still get nothing but a stock message page on both my desktop and laptop IE7 browswer when I type in the domain. All of the tables have been installed in the MySQL database so I’m not sure what’s happening. I know it can take a while for a new site to migrate out into the net but….

    Clear your browser cache then.

    Well, my laptop was fresh without any attempts at the domain address. Does anyone out there see the domain as a blog home page?

    No, that’s because WordPress is in a sub-folder.

    To make WordPress available at just change in Settings->General, the Blog address (URL) to and put this index.php file in your web-root folder (it is the same folder that contains the blog folder)

    /* Short and sweet */
    define('WP_USE_THEMES', true);

    Then update your permalinks in Settings->Permalinks.

    You may need to rename/delete any index.html file in your web-root folder.

    Trying to get my site up
    getting a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

    On godaddy with a linux server

    Bought the site from marketplace, changed the wp-config to match
    my database user and name and password, anything else I need to do to
    get it up and running

    Thanks Michael. Actually I just decided to re-install (after uninstalling) the whole thing into the root directory as I should have in the first place. I wasn’t very far into the page design anyway and the WP install at go-Daddy is pretty easy. Thanks again….

    Godaddy doesn’t support WordPress, even though you can get it
    installed with their hosting service.

    I always just call the reps live. Some of them are really familiar
    with WordPress, so they can give you unofficial help. (Make sure you fill our a real nice survey about them).

    One of the things I had to do was to:

    1) switch from windows to Linux
    2) get a dedicated IP server (and extra $3/month)
    3) change the domain name to one that I’m not using right now
    until my site is done. It kept pointing to my site.

    But I didn’t install my WP to a root directory but a sub-directory ( So you all are saying that if we are installing our WP site through GoDaddy’s system, that we should do it directly to the root? I intend on having all 6 of my sites eventually on the server.

    This domain,, if hosted at Godaddy, needs to be changed to a linux hosting account.

    Hello, sorry to bump up the thread but I’ve been working thru setting up pretty permalinks and getting nowhere.

    I am using GoDaddy’s Windows Hosting and cannot see the .htaccess file anywhere even when looking for hidden files.

    Does this mean… permalinks won’t work on GoDaddy’s windows hosting account?

    Does this mean… permalinks won’t work on GoDaddy’s windows hosting account?

    1. They don’t work ever on any windows hosting. Period.
    2. Switch to Linux. Why do you need Win hosting?
    3. Using_Permalinks <== the mandatory reading (and I mean it!)

    thanks moshu…

    I read the Using_Permalinks post (parts of it) and tried the PATHINFO suggestion for Windows and it did not work. That’s why I was wondering if permalinks are actually not supported.

    I develop mostly on .NET platform and I use my site as an internet sandbox of sorts. So I need both the .NET and PHP support in my current hosting. I’m a noob at Linux so I don’t know if it can work the other way around.

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