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  • Hmmm. I’ve got this working without any problems at all. Are you using the latest versions of WP, Gallery2 and WPG2?

    I’m wondering, because your .htaccess files look to have a lot more stuff in them than mine. As I recall, rewrites were notoriously flaky in earlier versions (to the point where they didn’t work at all for a lot of people).

    For comparision, what’s your folder structure? I have wordpress and gallery in their own folders off the root of my site.

    And I presume you’ve done the URL rewrite configuration from Gallery’s site admin via your embedded gallery page?

    I didn’t need to manually fiddle with .htaccess at all to get this to behave – so either your server is doing something different, or you are.

    in your “wordpress root .htaccess” maybe try putting all that Gallery-related stuff, underneath that WordPress section (which is at the bottom of your htaccess now)

    wordpress is at the root, gallery is in /gallery3

    All latest and greatest versions.

    Everything wass done automagicly through the wordpress permalink and the gallery plugin permalink creator.

    @dgold If I put the gallery underneeth, it breaks the gallery permalink structure.

    Does the plugin validation work correctly? Have you tried making it revalidate?

    Several times. It is valadated. I have tried with a fresh .htaccess file. I have tried updating to the most recent version of the plugin with the same results.

    Bother. I can only suspect that having Gallery as a subfolder of WordPress might be confusing it – but that’s a guess.

    That is how it normally would be an install, in the gallery plugin it even has a place to put the path to the install. Everything else is working fine for it including the sidebar pictures.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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