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  • I just curious..

    When running WordPress… what about the firewall on the server itself and hardening the server?

    I’m about to run the Security Configuration Wizard on my 2003 server and just wondering if anyone has any experience with config wordpress to run smothly after the server it self has been hardened?

    I made a test a few days ago and setup a policy, with the result that WordPress was blocked (firewall blocked it) from being accessed.

    What is the best practice here?


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  • WordPress is not a process in itself. You need to find out which port your web server is running at, and make that port available.

    WordPress is not a process in itself.

    That is true! 🙂

    However it do use some kind of communication with to download updates and plugins. I cannot seem to figure that part out.

    Im guessing that it uses http://ftp.exe (%sytemroot%\system32\ftp.exe), but I haven’t found anything that confirms my theory. And of-course WordPress do not utilize directly, but indirectly through the php process… But I’m guessing that the php code in WP calls for some functions do that.. But I do not know which.. You cannot just open ports if you do not know which to open! 🙂

    When I ran the Security Configuration Wizard a week ago to test, the WordPress automatic download functions was disabled and WP started to ask about ftp access with user/password credentials since the automatic feature of doing this was blocked by the wizard/windows firewall.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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