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  • I know it’s long but bear with me.

    Okay, so I started developing a website for a client in WordPress like I normally do. Through the development process I found that I needed to use a lot of custom post types and taxonomies. So I learned how to code them into my functions.php file. I ran into several issues that WordPress was not capable of doing relating to custom post types, taxonomies, and their slugs. I was just about pulling my hair out then. So someone I know recommended that I develop it using Drupal. At first I was very hesitant. But I went along because he insisted.

    I’m sorry to say this but I was very impressed with Drupal. Some of it’s featured lacked but It’s ability to do things that were very strenuous in WordPress were very simple in Drupal. For those familiar with Drupal, I was most impressed with Views and Panels, Drupal has its own interface for theming, layout, and the loop, rather than writing a loop and dealing with tons of template files. The other thing that I was very impressed with was in Drupal, the admin interface uses your own theme for your website. I actually was trying to do just that before I switched my site over.

    Again, don’t get me wrong, each have their strengths and weaknesses. In Drupal, media handling is horrible to put things nicely. I am actually still struggling with that one. So good job with media handling! You guys definitely one up-ed them regarding that.

    So I would probably prefer WordPress over Drupal if some of these features were implimented just because it seems so much stabler. But I needed those little features for my website so I had no choice.

    Again I will list the features I liked.

    – Views (Loop interface)
    – Ability to add custom post types in and easy to use interface
    – Ability to add, remove, and reorder custom fields to those custom post types with ease
    – Panels (interface for the layout of the site, templates of certain custom post types)
    – URI Aliases (very easy to add URI aliases to posts using tokens – “[custom-post-type-name]/[field_name]”)
    – Use website theme for admin interface (maybe give users this option)

    This is just an observation coming from a developer. Take it as you will, it is just my opinion. But please take this into consideration. Please let me know any of your thoughts regarding this matter.

    Thank you so much and any comments are appreciated.

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