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WordPress and Blog URI

  • I have Worpress installed on my webhost (1 and 1 webhosting). They allow for hosting multiple sites on an account which I do and will be hsoting more than one WordPress Blog. I currently have the WordPress address (URI) and Blog address (URI) set to: http://www.xtremepartsblog.net for the blog I’m hosting on there now.

    Is it proper or more beneficial to have it set to http://xtremepartsblog.net or anything else? Does it make any real difference? It was orginally set for http://xtremepartsblog.net. I just want to make sure I have everything set up correctly for this blog and others I am setting up.

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  • Apparently the forum stripped my tags out of this making it impossible to understand my question, so here goes again. I currently have the URI set to http:// then www then the blog domain(as seen in above post) as opposed to http:// then the blog domain without the www.

    Is there any difference or benefit to having it either way? Is one better than the other?

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