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  • I have set up a wordpress site but am using 1&1 for my emails with the same domain.

    I changed the DNS on 1&1 to wordpress which means the site is fine and the email accounts are live but they can only send emails and can’t receive them.

    When the 1&1 DNS settings are reset to default the emails are fine but the site disappears.

    How can I make them both work????!!!!

    I am not a computer expert by any means!!!!

    Help is really appreciated 🙂

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  • What did you change the DNS to and why did you have to change it?

    I changed to and
    Because I bought the domain through 1&1 but i wanted to build the site in wordpress…

    Have i done something stupid??!!

    Once you change the DNS away from 1&1 you can no longer use their email facilities.

    So have you only bought a domain name from 1&1 or did you get hosting as well?

    See if you can change the mail DNS records to 1&1’s servers instead.

    I can change the DNS back to 1&1, the emails will work then but then the wordpress site disappears!
    I thought I had hosting too but maybe not???

    What can I do??? If I get the email back over onto 1&1 by resetting the DNS do I need to do something so that 1&1 hosts my wordpress site (it is so can’t be hosted by wordpress)

    Sorry if this is really basic stuff…

    You need to check with 1&1 to see if you have bough hosting as well, if you do you can install WordPress on there instead and still use 1&1’s email facilities.


    Now sorry again to be an idiot and to take up your time but…

    How do I do that????!!!!

    If I have bought hosting too how will I know?

    When I have sorted out the hosting how do I install wordpress on there and will it affect the site that i have already built or will I need to rebuild it?

    I REALLY appreciate this 🙂

    You need to go into your 1&1 control panel and see if you have hosting, it should tell you there.

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    Thanks so much I will check now and get back to you 🙂

    What I meant was to check if you can separate your mail DNS records from your website’s DNS records.

    They can be different. My mail goes to Google Apps while the website goes to the host. If you’re not sure, ask whoever you bought the domain name from.

    ok. I have no idea how to do any of that…!

    I am currently trying to install wordpress on 1&1 by uploading the wordpress files using filezilla. I have created MySQL database on 1&1, changed the info on wp-config.php but now cannot get filezilla to ‘quick connect’ or find anywhere that advises me on uploading all the wordpress files!!! (you can see I am learning a lot as I go along!!)

    Any chance you can help me with this???

    I thought they did 1 click installs?


    So did you have hosting with 1&1 or did you have to buy it?

    I looked earlier and they advertised that they do 1 click installs for WordPress i.e. one click will install WordPress and it doesn’t take long to do so.

    You have to provide user name and password but the installer does the rest including setting up the database.

    yes I had it…

    wow, that sounds like exactly what I need, I am struggling so much.

    do you have the link for it still? i will get searching for it.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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