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  • At first I thought this was just something I was doing wrong, or perhaps just MY issue. I’ve since discovered others have the same problem, and it seems to be an issue within the WP v3.2.1 itself.

    To be clear, I am using WP v3.2.1 with the default Twenty Eleven theme and the NomNom v1.6.1 ChildTheme. However, even within the default Twenty Eleven without the Child Theme this issue persists.

    In the WP Admin Panel — specifically the ‘Posts’ and ‘Pages’ sections — you have the option of ‘seeing’ one or two columns of information (new Screen Options dropdown). One being the actual content you’re posting (the larger of the two columns, on the left), the other containing the widgets, categories, page (post) attributes, etc. (the smaller of the two columns, on the right). If you choose ‘one’ column, the other material and data shifts down below the page/post window. It’s an interesting option, but I don’t quite understand why you’d want to use only one column. However…

    In both my ‘live’ site, and my Bitnami (and MAMP) ‘localhost’ versions of my website, toggling to ‘one’ column corrupts this option, and in fact makes it ‘stick’ to one column – I cannot get back to two columns. The content column will squeeze to the left as it should, but the right-hand column remains blank, and all other data is relegated to below the page/post window. On a PC the right-hand side stays blank, while on a Mac there are between one and several ’empty’ boxes (frames) where the other data should be.

    I’ve tested this with fresh WP installs (v3.2.1) on two different Macs and a PC, and had three friends try the same thing — four different servers in all — with the same result.

    It appears that the only way to resolve the issue is to reload a fresh WP v3.2.1 install, obviously making note of any changes or tweaks in code you’ve ‘adjusted’. Or, just don’t mess with the 1/2 column Screen Option at all!

    Just an FYI alert!


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  • Is there a fix for this? I have the same problem. I clicked the 1 column while editing a post; when I checked the 2 column to return to that view it will not work. I am now stuck with one column. I backed up my site, and then re-installed WordPress, but that does not change it back to 2 column because I had to restore files (otherwise I would have been starting over from scratch).

    Any suggestions on what to do? thank you.


    You have to drag/drop them back – But basically no, when you go from 2-col to 1-col and back to 2-col, your items don’t jump back automatically.

    This works fine in 3.3, I wonder if there was a bug in 3.2…

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