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  • I have a site currently running using another CMS software.

    My plan was to switch to WP by installing the WP in another directory, getting it set up and then running the install from the subdirectory but access via the root URL.

    I believe that no matter what housekeeping and file switching around I need to do, everything relies on changing the Blog Address (URL) from the General > Settings section of the admin area.

    My problem is that both the Blog Address and the WordPress Address fields are grayed out and uneditable.

    I’ve spent hours looking for help, Googling just about everything I could think of. I have not seen anyone else with this issue.

    I’m not against editing the database directly and even went to do that but the URL field in the table did not make it clear if it was the Blog Address or the location of the install.

    As usual, Google has already found this second version of my site and has even been sending the shadow site traffic – so I need to do something fast.

    I appreciate any help I can get.

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  • I found a reference that explained why I could not edit the values from the admin panel.

    I have since moved the index.php and .htaccess files to the root and edited the config file as directed by the installing WP in it’s own directory instructions.

    Now I have fully working only problem is that is displaying an identical site and I can no longer access the admin panel. Another strange occurrence is that at least one of the pending posts has been made live during this process.

    So what am I missing here? It seems like I’m almost there but something else needs editing somewhere.

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