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  • I’ll break this out for ease of reading.


    • Recently updated to 3.9
    • Plug-ins used: WooCommerce, WooTax, SEO by Yoost, and All-in-one-Rich-Snippets


    • All panels in admin went frozen
    • Admin menus cant be dragged to move
    • Collapsing admin menus and drop downs don’t work at all
    • Visual editor doesn’t work
    • JavaScript issue???

    Basically, unless its a link or a text box already exposed when first going to the page, I don’t have access to it. There are NO moving parts in admin…

    *Note* The front end works fine.


    1. Disabled all plug ins ==> Still broken
    2. Reverted to Twenty Fourteen theme ==> Still broken

    I was going to manipulate some back end files, but I just did a complete reinstall of WordPress. No biggie, wasn’t that far along.

    No solution worked, until the reinstall. Everything worked okay after that so I started rebuilding my site. That was last night. Everything was fine, but this morning nothing works again.

    I had installed the same plug-ins and theme, but hadn’t configured them. Nada. It was just working last night, then back to not working this AM.

    I’m about to light my hair on fire. Please help.

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  • Did you by any chance look at Chrome error console when admin is broken?
    F12 and then Console tab. That would definitely help you see if it’s a js issue, which it may be. It would have red errors.

    Also, BlueHost and few other EIG hosting properties have been having issues, just FYI in case you’re on one of them.

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