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    My site was recently hacked and I am having problems reinstalling wordpress and it displaying correctly.

    I completely removed the wordpress directory from the FTP so it was empty DIR and installed a fresh downloaded copy of WordPress 3.4.2.
    I ran this without any of the original plugins which were installed on the blog but attached it to the original Database I was using.
    All passwords for the logins and database were changed.

    When I load the website it will not display the admin dashboard or main pages correctly (It looks like it displays without any stylesheets). The only issue I can see this being related to is the original database which may have been compromised.

    Has anyone had any similar issues? I don’t know how I can clean up the database if this maybe the cause.

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  • If you’re site was hacked, And you installed fresh copy of wordpress, Then probably it’s problem with database. So, To clean up database Try this:

    Install Plugin : WP-DBManager
    Do the settings
    After plugin connects with your database,
    Click on repair database and repair it and then
    Click on optimize database and so, on.

    Maybe this would help. Let me know if still not resolve.



    Hey Thanks for the post.
    I’ve downloaded the plugin and run through the repair and optimize and this didn’t help resolve. I manually scanned through the DB using phpMyAdmin-3.0.1 but I couldn’t find anything obvious. I would try and recreate the DB and import across the posts but don’t have any experience with this and presume it isn’t straight forward.

    I’ve restored a backup DB but this has the same issue, perhaps the problem may be with the hosting company? I can’t think of any other aspects which may affect the display.

    Hmm, i don’t think it’s problem with hosting. It must be misconfigured of something.
    Let me know if i can help you in anyway.



    Strange glitch that I have managed to fix now.

    I moved the wordpress directory where the site is hosted and changed the virtual host to point to this new location which seemed to bring it back to life. The “PHP Register Globals” & “PHP Safe Mode” settings were also different to my other sites which I turned off (not sure if related).


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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