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  • hello guys, I am in deep trouble for past 5 days. My admin dashboard isn’t working or you can say it’s damn too slow to load and I can’t save any post or publish anything. I am on godaddy’s managed wordpress hosting and my site is The site opens quick fast but the dashboard doesn’t. It loads only half and it’s options don’t work by clicking as it takes forever to load them.

    I have called the godaddy customer care more than 5 times but they say it’s not faulty at their side. I think they are correct because on two of my friend’s laptops admin panel loads fully and they are able to post successfully but on my computer and some other devices it doesn’t opens. The problem is really weird.

    I tried everything from installing different browers, reinstalling, clearing cache and cookies, history, ccleanup, changing ip address, incognito mode, updating windows, disabling all the plugins, restoring the backup when it was working. But nothing worked. I don’t know what’s the problem.

    Please help me. It’s the only thing I have that helps me make my living.

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    godaddy’s managed wordpress hosting

    <sarcasm>Isn’t the entire point of that that “GoDaddy WordPress Experts” are available to help? </sarcasm>

    Disable all plugins and change your theme to twentysixteen. If that helps, restore things one at a time until you find what’s borking your site.

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    I have tried these things already. I have talked to godaddy experts several times and they say it’s a fault from my side and I think they may be correct because it’s opening on two of my friends pc fine.

    Did the same problem occured when all the plugins were disabled and theme was changed?

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    Yes. Same problem

    This might be a problem with your device. Please do check for any errors in your error log.

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    Can you please tell me how to do it?

    You need to make sure that WordPress debugging is TRUE by adding the below given code at the end of your wp-config.php

    define('WP_DEBUG', true);

    After this if an error occurred while accessing your blog, it can be found in your error_log, which will be present in your root folder.

    Hello, I have install wp supper cache on my wordpress site. after setting their dynamic cache page setting and late init setting, wordpress dashboard is not opening. I have try to change theme and plugin disabled but same problem facing. I have also check wp-config.php file and change their to given above command “false” to “true” but not resolve problem. please help me.

    I have confirmed, that problem has create by wp super cache plugin. because I have create this setting in my first site after the create problem, I want know about cause the problem. So, I have set this setting in my second site and that problem has been also their created.

    M.S. Chauhan

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    I don’t know what’s the problem at your side but mine got fixed. The problem was due to a silly thing which was my internet. All other sites were opening but somehow not my dashboard. I upgraded to a faster plan and then it started opening fully but I need to refresh frequently to fully load the admin pages. The site however doesn’t have any problem in loading.

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