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  • If you look at my site, the tab index on the top admin bar isn’t in a logical order.

    It should go username, to password, to remember me, to log in, to lost your password e.t.c.

    Instead it tabs from username straight to lost your password.

    How can I set a proper tab index order for it?

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  • You can’t – not without replacing the entire navbar with a custom version. Added to which, I’ve just (literally) ask for them to be removed in a future version (I’ll have missed 3.4).

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    You’re removing the top admin bar altogether? Thats silly for websites that utilise a login system for multiple users.

    Users prefer a top login bar to prevent clutter on the pages.

    Nooo! Just asking for those tabindexes to be removed.

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    Ahh, good stuff (:

    If you want to add your comments/support for this, please feel free. The more informed opinions we can get on accessibility issues, the greater chance we have of persuading the core devs to make some much-needed changes.

    I am glad that WordPress developers are looking at this but I wonder if I could make a suggestion?

    I’m working on a project which is a membership site that includes the use of a customized Admin Bar for ease of user navigation. I’m using Gravity Forms to allow members to enter some personal details about themselves.

    Gravity Forms does not have a place to specify tabindex on their forms and I just spent a while recreating the user account area so I could move the tabindexes to 100+ so as to not compete with Gravity Forms fields.

    I’m an experienced WordPress developer so mulching the code wasn’t too big of a deal, and I do intend to post to Gravity Forms and let them know that they should give users the capability of defining tabindexes but I’m wondering if it is possible to give a higher tabindex to the search function in the admin bar?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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