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  • I have a domain registered with Just-the-Name & I have a question about web forwarding.

    I have some server space with

    J-T-N require a trailing slash.

    I have installed wordpress in here:

    & I have pointed my domain forwarding at this address & my blog page seems to function ok. However I want my readers to use & see my own domain, Within WordPress’s general settings I can change this – I understand that I have to put the new url into “WordPress Address (URL)” but I cannot have a trailing slash, so “Site Address(URL)” appears as:

    I suspect it is this which has led to some 404s within WordPress admin because it is looking for:

    ie adding another “reds” because of the trailing slash. So J-T-N says there must be a slash, & WordPress says there must not be.

    I’ve read some other forum entries & some Codex pages, but I’m still new to all this & I wonder if i am missing something obvious.


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  • Hi bbbarry

    Is there any particular reason that you decided to install WordPress into a subdirectory instead of the main directory?
    ie. the folder called ‘reds’


    Ho Toherangi,

    Thanks for replying.

    I don’t have any pages in the main directory, I have more than one site, each in its own subfolder. One of my sites, redsandstonehill is the one I’m currently converting to WP. Another folder contains the original pages of that site; my own html & css. Plus another subfolder with another unrelated site in it. 3 folders in all.

    My domains are registered with a UK company called Just the Name (been with them for years now) they have a control page where you write in the address of the folder containing your site.

    Does this make sense? Would installing WP in the main directory really make a difference to my problem?


    Hi Barry

    If you had WordPress installed in the main directory, you would be able to enter the URL as as that will point to the main directory instead of

    You mention that you have several sites? Are you planning on moving them all over to WordPress? If so, you may benefit by using WordPress Multisite. This allows you to control more than one site from the one WordPress installation, instead of installing a copy of WordPress in each different directory.

    The installation is slightly more complicated, however, we will help you as much as possible.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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