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  • My feedback revolves around the WordPress Address (URL) and the Site Address (URL) fields.

    I am not a coder. I do not know PHP, CCS or HTML. But, I do play around with many different open source PHP applications. One thing I have noticed about other php-based open source web applications is that it doesn’t matter where the site folders are located. As long as they live somewhere in the web accessible directory structure, the application is accessible and functional. Like phpbb3 for example. I can move the folder structure wherever I want within my www folder and the application still works as if nothing happened.

    WordPress does not do this. If you move your WordPress folder your site will be hosed in one way or another. I’ve seen post after post on this site where this is the underlying issue. If WordPress behaved like most other php-based open-source applications it might resolve many others frustrations in this regard. And, it sure would be simpler to move a WordPress site from one location to another. Simply backup/restore the DB then move your folder to the new location. Done.

    Now, I’m sure there are really good reasons for why the WordPress architecture has been set-up the way it is. And, I’m not asking for an explanation as to why this is. I probably wouldn’t understand it anyway.

    But, I would ask that the developers please look at these decisions again and determine if there might be a better way go going about what they are trying to accommodate.

    It appears to me that this stems around the ability to set a homepage to be different from the WordPress install directory. I’ve never used this functionality, but, I’m under the impression that this is such a widely used option for others, that there would be too much backlash if this functionality was removed in its current form.

    Am I making sense? Does anyone have anything to add?

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  • WordPress used absolute (full) urls as opposed to relative urls. This is what causes the potential issues when moving a site from one location to another. At the present time, this absolute url reliance cannot be changed.

    That makes complete sense. Thank you for the reply. I don’t mean to make a stink.

    No problem. It’s a perfectly valid area to question and, long term, it may be possible to change this.

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